Dance Hall (Blueness), 2013

Hong Kong 2017
Blindspot Gallery
Archival inkjet print
Edition of 6 + 2AP
150.0 x 187.5 (厘米)
59.1 x 73.8 (吋)
Meticulously constructed and staged, often in the interior of his studio, Chen Wei’s photographic works resemble less a still life than a vacated tableau vivant, a space between fiction and reality, marked by a dramatic and cinematic quality. The artist staged a series of empty dance halls in the after-state of psychedelica and revelries, the emptiness of the scene resonating the emptiness of the psyche. Suspended between the surreal lighting of cobalt and midnight blue, these images are echo chambers of the pleasure that has been, imbued with a tragic idealization.The pathos is conveyed by absence.