Wanwu: Metamorphosis, 2013

Hong Kong 2017
Ink Studio
In Chinese, wanwu means ‘myriad things’ and signifies the entirety of the cosmos constituting all beings. This artwork is an iteration of Bingyi’s immersive topology from her monumental 2013 work Wanwu, land and weather works created at sacred mountain sites in China. In Wanwu: Metamorphosis, Bingyi uses the natural elements of wind, sun, humidity, air pressure and terrain in combination with the traditional materials of ink, water and bespoke xuan paper to reveal the intensive forces, both geological and the climatological, that shape our extensive world. In this way, Bingyi uses ink as dark light (carbon, an absolute absorber of light in water, nature’s translucent solvent) to illuminate the usually invisible and transient physical processes that enable ordered patterns and forms to arise from chaos. 「萬物」意指「數之不盡的事物」,表示宇宙作為一個整體所包含的一切事物。藝術家冰逸2013年的代表作《萬物》,是在中國多個山區借助地形與氣候條件創作而成;而這次展出的作品便是在擬真的地形環境中展示《萬物》。在《萬物》中,冰逸應用風力、陽光、濕度、氣壓和地勢等自然元素,結合墨、水和特製宣紙等傳統材料,揭示驅動地球的地理和氣候變遷的強大力量。冰逸把墨化作黑光(水為天然的半透明溶劑,碳在水中吸收所有色光),照亮了通常不可見的短暫物理過程,在混沌中呈現出有序的式樣與形態。