Downhill, 2015

Hong Kong 2017
This film is a collage created around the thoughts of vertigo, memory and the fear of falling. “Amid the abstract lights that appear floating in space, the subjective vision of the joyride is punctually interrupted by cloudy night scenes: someone leaving a house, entering a nightclub, ordering a drink, walking on the street, distorted faces of strangers appearing and disappearing. Brief interludes, these images appear almost subliminally and it is necessary to spend some time watching the video — which means being more and more absorbed and trapped by it — to fully assert their existence and to eventually get their significance. The auditive sense of light rain falling in very fine drops is complemented by the vision of moving spheres that punctually appear on the screen. Pulsating at the melody’s rhythm, they also echo Oskar Fischinger’s sense of visual melody and his abstract animations in which the throbbing movement of figures suggested different paces and tempos. Such intrinsic relation between sound and image is on the strongest features of Katarina Löfström’s artistic practice, which has been constantly signed by its transdisciplinary approach, and in particular to its closeness to music and science.” Excerpt from a text by Filipa Ramos 2015, for the catalogue “Insomnia“ published by Art & Theory