Ornaments, 2014

Hong Kong 2017
Leo Xu Projects
Living in this digital age and getting more and more used to receive information from online sources and read off texts from screens instead of paper-based hard copies, aaajiao believes that the existence of mankind is highly informationized and has formed an eco-system with the screen. In order to demonstrate the conflict and balance between bodily perception and visual representation, aaajiao collaborates with jewelry designer Shen Lei, who made six pieces of ornamental accessories based on aaajiao’s algorithm, each representing a certain emotion or characteristic of “soft”, “repetitive”, “hard”, “pure”, “static”, and “noisy”. As a result, the stereotypical impression of jewellery being precious metal to decorate human body is subverted by the artist; instead, these jewelries in computer-designed shapes attempt to interact with human body and have dialogues at every touch, drawing a parallel with the intertwined relationship between human and digital technologies.