Under Heaven-2833MT0163, 2016

Hong Kong 2017
Oil on canvas, aluminium
130.0 x 180.0 x 14.5 (cm)
51.2 x 70.9 x 5.7 (inch)
Produced by MadeIn Company Courtesy of the Artist and Perrotin Under Heaven, a magnificent title filled with an authoritative sense, consists in dense cream flowers of fancy colors: strawberry red, grape purple, mocha green, milk white, chocolate black... such as a thick layer of flowery cream on a freshly baked cake. These desiring aliment colors and the creamy form are twisted together into a carved baroque jungle; the exaggerated scales of the works present an intense and extravagant gaiety. 'Cream' becomes an illusion: its visual texture stimulates appetite, while deploying a palette of charming excessive colors and extreme density. Under Heaven, created with pastry bags filled with oil colors, follows the rules of the art of decorating cakes. It retains the smooth and creamy sweet, and symbolizes an impenetrable landscape model, a bird view of a prosperous city or an imitation of a micro world. Fragrant and fragile, joyful and decadent, these intertwined layers resemble a miraculous rainbow candy, or a fallen city of desire, belonging to humanity’s grand festival, with its flowing noises, and great momentum. This creamy world, or so-called worldly cream, reflects the Chinese trend of global enjoyment. It is the pop culture of a new era, a new public, new politics, new gaudiness and new future, using a subtle transition between texture and media, the works constitute an optimistic metaphor to reality. This cheerful, crazy, sensual work appears in a similar reality, and co-constructs a certain abnormal and stimulating sense of miracle.