Short Capitalism, 2015

Hong Kong 2017
ShanghART Gallery
“Short Capitalism “is a part of Miamian’s art project (exist a multiple screens installation with same titled) There is a Len and it is searching on the Huang Pu River. It seems to look for something or just in vain. There is a Western man and a Chinese girl, they are sitting in the car and we don't know if they are waiting for someone or they are acting or they are practicing or they are just talking. Shanghai night has actually become a stage we don't know which part is real which part is fiction. Mian Mian lives in Shanghai and works as a novelist \art event producer and a film maker. Her novels be published 16 langueges world wild. She has become a cultural icon to a generation of Chinese youth who value her authenticity and honesty in portraying the new future of Shanghai. In a rapidly changing China which is in a state of violent transformation, Mian Mian is a creator of culture who uses art to facilitate communication.