Copying Huai Su’s autobiography (Zixu Tie), 2016

Hong Kong 2017
Beijing Commune
Song Ta presents a calligraphy project mixing diverse media: texts written on Post-it notes or paper fragments, scored exam paper, digital writing displayed on a monitor and cartoons drawn on A4 paper. The content of the writings can be a meaningless collage of Chinese characters, imitation of inscriptions by ancient Chinese calligraphers, famous quotations, or a single character without context. Working primarily with video, photography and performance, Song Ta has been establishing an identity as a calligrapher. In Song Ta’s conceptualization, the calligraphy of the Chinese literati tradition is both challenged and developed through his scribblings, carried out with deadpan humor. Song Ta (b. 1988, Guangzhou) received his BFA in Education from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2010, and currently lives and works in Guangzhou. Most of Song Ta’s works are rooted in the artist’s observations and sampling of reality. His artworks do not emphasize refinement of traditional aesthetics or expression of visual beauty; rather, he adopts a relaxed, comical attitude, enjoying the conceptual freedom art allows him. 廣東藝術家宋拓的書法結合多種媒界:寫在便利貼或紙 碎上的文字、批改過的試卷、熒光幕上顯示的電腦文字 和畫在A4紙上的卡通。書寫內容可以是無意義的中文 文字組合、仿中國古代書法家題詞的書法、名人語錄或 無脈絡可言的單字。宋拓專注於錄像、攝影和表演等藝 術領域﹐近年更建立起書法家的新身份。在宋拓的概念 裡,他的文字塗鴉以冷面幽默的方式挑戰中國的傳統文 人書法,並使其得以進一步發展。 宋拓,1988 年於廣州出生,2010 年獲廣州美術學院頒 發教育學士學位,現於廣州生活及工作。宋拓大部分的 作品建基於其對生活的觀察和取樣,不刻意強調傳統美 學或視覺美的表達;他寧願以輕鬆、詼諧的手法創作, 感受藝術帶給他在意念上的自由。