Package, Red Package, 1963 - 1968

Hong Kong 2017
Galerie Gmurzynska
These extremely rare, early works by Christo -- Package, Show Window and Red Package – date from the 1960s and represent the quintessential ideas of Christo. They have previously only been shown once together. Before Christo and Jeanne-Claude brought the act of wrapping to much larger proportions, Christo created many sculptures by wrapping everyday objects with fabric or polyethylene. Packages and wrapped objects give few clues as to what lies beneath the fabric. While the contents may be refuse of daily life, what is inside matters only in the shape it lends the artwork. The life-sized Show Window, done after Christo and Jeanne- Claude emigrated to New York in 1964, reference the gigantic dimensions of the city’s architecture. Christo Javacheff (b. 1935, Bulgaria) and Jeanne-Claude de Guillebon (1935 – 2009) are environmental sculptors, noted for their spectacular outdoor projects, such as the wrapping of the Berlin Reichstag in metallic silver fabric or most recently, the Floating Piers on Lake Iseo, Italy. The couple was awarded the Japan Art Association’s Praemium Imperiale prize for sculpture in 1995. Christo 這些極其珍稀的早期作品系列《Package》、 Show Window》和《Red Package》過往僅有一次同場 展出,三個系列均於二十世紀六十年代製作,表現出藝 術家的神髓意念。Christo 與 Jeanne-Claude一同製作更 大型的包捆作品前,Christo 用紡織物或塑膠物料包裹日 常物品,製作了許多雕塑。要看出包裝品及包裹裡頭的 東西,其實是比較困難的;內裡可能只是日常生活中的 廢棄物,其意義只在於給予藝術作品特定的形狀。 Christo 與 Jeanne-Claude 於 1964 年移民紐約定居, 及後創作了《Show Window ,作品呈一比一的實物大 小,以紐約巨型的建築物為參考題材。 1935 年於保加利亞出生的 Christo Javacheff 和 Jeanne- Claude de Guillebon(1935 – 2009 ),是以戶外雕塑最 為人所共知的環境雕刻家,其中作品包括以金屬銀布料 包裹德國柏林國會大廈及最近在意大利伊塞奧湖的《浮 動碼頭》( Floating Piers )。1995 年,二人組合獲 日本美術協會頒發「高松宮殿下紀念世界文化獎」。