Untitled, 1984

Hong Kong 2017
Kukje Gallery / Tina Kim Gallery
Kwon Young-Woo is one of the leading Dansaekhwa artists who spearheaded the avant-garde movement in postwar Korea. This collection of archive photos, letters, interviews, rare exhibition catalogs and leaflets, along with a number of significant artworks, represents a comprehensive look at the artist’s work. Many of these archival resources from the 1960s to the 1980s have never been shown outside Korea, thus presenting a rare opportunity to view the development of modern and contemporary Korean art, as well as the works and philosophy of Kwon Young-Woo. In a career spanning six decades, Kwon Young-Woo (1926 – 2013) sought to balance tradition with modernity. He is widely celebrated for his artistic practice of reinterpreting traditional materials — specifically hanji, the medium of Oriental painting — in the context of contemporary art, and for his exploration of the essence of the Korean aesthetic. 權寧禹(Kwon Young-Woo)是韓國「單色畫」 ( Dansaekhwa)的先驅者之一,他在戰後的韓國參與 推動這場前衛藝術運動的誕生。是次展出的歷史圖片、 書信、訪問、珍貴的展覽目錄和單張,以及一系列重要 藝術作品,以全面的角度探視藝術家的工作,大部分來 自二十世紀六十至八十年代的物品更是首次於韓國以外 的地方展出。透過這次展覽,觀眾有機會一睹現代和當 代韓國藝術的發展進程,並認識權寧禹的藝術作品和創 作哲學。 韓國藝術家權寧禹(1926 – 2013)的 60 年藝術事業生 涯中,堅持在傳統及前衛之間取得平衡,其因擅長於當 代藝術中重新演繹傳統物料如東方繪畫常用的韓紙,以 及發掘韓國美學精髓,而廣為傳頌。