O Canto da Baleia (The Whale Singing), 2015

Hong Kong 2017
Lehmann Maupin
OSGEMEOS have created four new paintings in which the natural world and water are recurring themes. For the artists, water and sea life are tied to their childhood and family history. Their grandfather, a fisherman by trade, traveled to Brazil from Lithuania by boat. Family memories permeate their dreams and therefore appear as references in their paintings in the form of oceans and drinking water, whales, fish, and mermaids. Water is also significant to the artists because it symbolizes life — we are born from water and it is essential to our survival. OSGEMEOS is the collaborative art duo of twin brothers Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo (b. 1974, Brazil) who live and work in São Paulo. They are widely known for their large-scale murals; however, their museum and gallery work provides the opportunity to create environments and situations that more closely mirror the fantastical dreams the brothers have shared their entire life. Defined by a cartoon-like quality, their characters typically engage in activities inspired by OSGEMEOS’ experience growing up in the São Paulo neighborhood of Cambuci, as well as world mythologies, Brazilian folklore, music of all kinds, vernacular expression and their travels around the world. 奧斯吉美奧斯(OSGEMEOS)的四幅全新畫作,主要描 繪大自然和水的各種形態。水和海洋生態跟奧斯吉美奧 斯的童年和家族歷史有著密切的關係。他們的祖父是一 名漁夫,曾經從立陶宛乘船到巴西進行貿易活動;而這 些成長回憶往往滲透在他們的夢境中,因此海洋及飲用 水,甚至海洋生物如鯨魚、魚和美人魚就常常出現在作 品中,成為二人反覆探索的主題。對他們而言,水是非 常重要的,因為它是生命的象徵——我們靠水而生,依 水而存。 奧斯吉美奧斯由一對雙胞胎兄弟 Gustavo Pandolfo 及 Otavio Pandolfo 組成。 他們於 1974 年出生,現於聖保 羅居住及工作,以大型壁畫蜚聲國際。之不過這對藝術 家的眾多博物館及畫廊作品,更能帶領大家進入他們一 直竭力呈現的奇異幻想世界中。奧斯吉美奧斯畫中的人 物擁有卡通般的特質,富想像力的故事取材自兩人在聖 保羅市坎布西區(Cambuci)的成長經歷、世界各地的 神話、巴西民間傳說、各種音樂作品、方言俚語,以及 二人到處遊歷的體驗。