Sub Gratia, 1969

Hong Kong 2017
Piero Dorazio is one of Italy’s most important abstract painters and co-founder of Gruppo Forma1. In the manifesto, Dorazio declared himself ‘a formalist’, thereby rejecting the realism of his contemporaries to embrace an exploration of abstraction. Here the focus is on his work from the 1960s to the 1970s, a period that illustrates his shift in practice from loose weave-like monochromes (usually called ‘reticoli’) to canvases of broad sinuous bands, and finally to a more rigid and geometric approach, highlighting his sentiment “color is an instrument, not a means of expression.” This vital decade demonstrates Dorazio’s work to be as relevant as the more recognized ‘color field’ painters of the time. Piero Dorazio (1927 – 2005) has been exhibited widely, including the 1952 Venice Biennale and the exhibition ‘The Responsive Eye’ in 1965 at MoMA in New York. His works are included in some of the most prestigious private and public collections such as Tate Modern, London; MoMA, New York; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; GNAM, Rome. Gruppo Forma1 聯合創辦人皮耶羅.多拉齊奧(Piero Dorazio)被譽為意大利最舉足輕重的抽象派畫家之一。 他在其藝術宣言中聲稱自己是「一名形式主義者」 因而 摒棄了當年的現實主義,並展開對抽象藝術的探索與追 求。是次展覽以多拉齊奧在二十世紀六十到七十年代的 作品為焦點,闡述了他在油畫創作上的歷程:從喜用鬆 散且具編織紋理的單色風格(一般稱為「reticoli」) 過 渡至創作盤曲起伏的粗闊紐帶,到最後更在作品中展現 俐落的幾何線條。多拉齊奧在這段時期的創作凸顯了他 主張的觀點 :「顏色是一件工具,而非一種表達手段」 觀者能從中了解到他的作品與當時其他較知名的色域繪 畫畫家同樣重要。 意大利藝術家皮耶羅.多拉齊奧(1927 – 2005)的 作品曾在世界各地展出,包括 1952 年威尼斯雙年展 及於 1965 年在美國紐約現代藝術博物館舉行「The Responsive Eye」展覽。他的作品可在各地著名的博物 館中找到,例如英國倫敦泰特現代藝術館、美國紐約現 代藝術博物館、荷蘭阿姆斯特丹市立博物館及意大利羅 馬國立現代藝術美術館。