Mother No. 1, 2015

Hong Kong 2017
Galerie Urs Meile
‘Queen’ symbolizes a wise, brave and outstanding woman possessing some form of authority. The project comprises five artworks: Mother No.1 & No.2, Venus No.3, Mount Fuji No.1 & No.2. Mother and Venus include allusions to the female body; Mount Fuji contains allusions to the male body. In these works, the negative space of the holes in Mother and Venus, and the protruding space in Mount Fuji form yin and yang. At first, they seem to be in balance, but in actuality, Mount Fuji covers the male body in feminine tones. The overall symbolic meaning resonates with these five powerful minimalist works across the space. Cao Yu (b. 1988, China) received her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing where she currently lives and works. Her work is an extension of the foundation of an established approach to art, deriving new concepts and forms to explore life and death and its inherent emotions. Her work has been shown widely at exhibitions throughout China. 出女性。這項目由五件作品組成,包括:《Mother No.1 、《Mother No.2》、《維納斯 No.3》、《Mount Fuji No.1》及《Mount Fuji No.2》,當中有隱喻女性身體 的《Mother》和《維納斯》,也有暗喻男性身體的 Mount Fuji》;前者由孔洞造成的負空間與後者的突出物 分別構建出一陰一陽,彼此之間看似形成了一種平衡關 係,但其實《Mount Fuji》卻將男性身體籠罩於女性化 的色彩之下。以簡約手法製作的五件作品帶來了整體的 象徵意義,在展覽空間中瀰漫震撼的效果。 曹雨,1988 年於中國遼寧出生,獲北京中央美術學院雕 塑系頒發學士及碩士學位,現於北京居住及工作。她的 作品以一貫處理藝術的手法為創作基礎,從而鑽研出一 套新的概念與形式,用以探索生與死的問題,以及兩者 的固有情感 。曹雨的展出作品遍佈中國不同的地方。