Gallop, 2016

Hong Kong 2017
Pace Gallery
Three-dimensional objects began appearing in Qiu Xiaofei’s art with his 2012 work Mountain Behind Wood Behind Mountain. Objects and paintings work together to play extensive and invasive roles in several pieces from that period. As Qiu Xiaofei himself stated: “If a painting is an object with color applied to it, then any colored object could also be called a painting.” The Pictographic Image Corresponding to Objects further explores the relationships between paintings and objects, between the subjective and objective. The idea of ‘corresponding to the object’ in Xie He’s famous ‘six principles of Chinese painting’ revolves around the subordinate relationship between imitation and reality. In Qiu Xiaofei’s new works, this subordinate relationship is made ambiguous due to the intervening of consciousness, memory and subjectiveness. Qiu Xiaofei’s (b. 1977, China) artistic practice focuses mainly on painting, as well as installation and sculpture connected to painting. His works have been a constant presence at art museums and institutional exhibitions around the world. In 2013, Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai held his solo exhibition ‘Repetition’ in the main exhibition hall. His latest solo exhibitions were presented at Pace Beijing in 2014 and Pace Gallery in New York in 2016. 從 2012 年的《山前木後山》開始,仇曉飛就在作品中加 入立體元素。在那段時期,物體與繪畫在他的幾件作品 中相互扮演著延伸與入侵的角色。正如他本人所言: 如果繪畫是為物體塗上顏色,那麼任何著了色的物體也 可被稱為一幅畫。」是次的展出項目「應物象形」進一 步探索他對物與畫、主觀與客觀之間的關係。雖然 謝赫在《六法論》述及的「應物」繪畫觀以模仿與現實 之間的從屬關係為論述中心,然而在仇曉飛的新作品 中,這種從屬關係卻因意識、記憶與主觀性的介入而顯 得模糊。 仇曉飛,1977 年於中國哈爾濱出生,專注於油畫創作, 其裝置及雕塑的藝術實踐都跟繪畫有關。他曾在國內外 多次舉辦展覽:2013 年,上海民生美術館舉辦了仇曉飛 個展「反復 。2014 年與 2016 年,仇曉飛的最新個展 先後於佩斯北京與紐約藝廊展出。