The Greatest film Never Made (Fiona Banner and Name Creative), 2015

Basel 2017
mfc-michèle didier
Prints & Multiples
133.0 x 88.4 Size (cm)
52.4 x 34.8 Size (in)
Fiona Banner "The Greatest Film Never Made (Fiona Banner and Name Creative)" 2015 Print 133 × 88.4 cm Limited edition of 7 copies and 3 artist’s proofs Each copy is numbered, embossed with the initials "FB" and signed by the artist. Thought as promotional tools for Fiona Banner’s film "Phantom", the posters from the series "The Greatest Film Never Made" were commanded by the artist to three London based graphic studios specialized in the movie industry. They recall the dramatic intensity of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" published in 1899. This story and its narrative structure have since interested several generations of director like Orson Wells or Francis Ford Coppola.