This Much, at Least, at All Times..., 1985

Hong Kong 2017
Bamboo, Wood, Paper, Leather, Copper
188.0 x 140.0 x 110.0 Size (cm)
74.0 x 55.1 x 43.3 Size (in)
In the late 1970s, Kitayama emerged in Kansai’s (Osaka and Kyoto area) art scene with his relief paintings, and started serial solo exhibitions in galleries in Kyoto and Tokyo. He worked with a wide range of diverse materials including bamboo, wood, paper, cloth, lead, bronze, leather and Masonite. The works were colored and drawn on with pencil, acrylic paint, watercolor crayon, ballpoint pen or felt tip marker to realize free-form structures fixed on walls. Through the 1980’s, Kitayama’s work gradually changed to larger scale sculptures made from bamboo and paper, which are hung from the ceiling or placed on the floor without pedestals. His works were well accepted as a new form of expression to move past the aftermath of the Mono-ha, the 1970’s Japanese art movement. Kitayama was selected in 1982 as a Japanese representative artist in the 40th Biennale di Venezia, along with Naoyoshi Hikosaka and Tadashi Kawamata, after artists from the Mono-ha movement were featured in the previous two editions of the Biennale.