The Heads of Thearchy, 2014

Basel 2017
ShanghART Gallery
Work on Paper
Oil painting stick, Hand made mulberry paper, Insets specimen
300.0 x 200.0 (cm)
118.1 x 78.7 (inch)
This painting is derived from one of the animation work Magician Party and Dead Crow, which discusses the Egyptian God. Egypt is the origin of ancient myths, the ancient Egyptian believed that the world was created by God and myths and legends passed on from generation and generation. Egyptian civilization is full of mystery and charm. These deities are visible, animals or the body of human beings with the heads of animals, the source of those god-animals. The heads of Thearchy was echoing the performance of Magician Party and Dead Crow that performers worn Egyptian deities’ masks. That is all for the divinties of Egypt.