Botanic Exploration (Jalisco) IV, 2016

Basel 2017
joségarcía ,mx
metal powder on canvas
60.0 x 110.0 (cm)
23.6 x 43.3 (inch)
Exploración botánica (Botanical exploration) is a project developed in the hills surrounding the town of Tequila.The project consists of a series of paintings which together function as a catalogue of plants native to the region. The paintings in Exploración Botánica were created through a process of metal powder oxidation on canvas . This transference from an object to an image creates negative impressions, where dark colors become highlights and lighter tones shadows. Much like the Expedición Botánica de la Nueva España (the Botanical Expedition of New Spain), carried out during the eighteenth century to catalog and classify the plants of New Spain, García Torres documents a selection of plants from the agave region of Jalisco .