Saving the Safe, 2017

Basel 2017
Galleria Continua, Galeria Luisa Strina
6 gold sculptures in 24 Kt, safe boxes, rotating bases, LED lights, wood
Saving the Safe is an installation that aims to define the unprecedented disorder affecting both society and contemporary culture in a violent way: the financial realm. Taking as a leitmotiv the tension created by the financial crisis in the last years, Saving the Safe employs architecture – the symbolic imagery of the Bank – to give shape to the restlessness pervasive in contemporary society. The installation comprises six golden sculptural reproductions of well-known banks in miniature. Each of these is installed separately inside a safe box. Gold is used in connection with the imperialist past of many countries, as well as for its ‘absolute’ value: they are objects that should be guarded under strict surveillance. Saving the Safe relates to the symbolic capital of the building in question, and its role in the crisis on a global scale. In the current political and economic order, power remains in but a few hands – to the detriment of society, ever more marked by inequality and a fraudulent sense of democracy.