Untitled (Our people are better than your people), 1994

Basel 2017
Sprüth Magers
Prints & Multiples
print on vinyl, wall paper
Since the 1970s Barbara Kruger has developed conceptual works that often combine text with found material from mass media. By creating a contrast between the motif and the textual content while simultaneously enhancing the partially violent visuality of the image, Kruger addresses the powerful influence exercised upon human identity by media and politics. In the context of her work, recurring themes are the fetishization of the female body, the promotion of consumption, and the establishment of cultural models. In the interplay between manipulation and imitation of human desires, Kruger develops a critical picture of society. Likewise, the exhibited wallpaper displays Kruger’s strong political voice and is highly topical in regards to the alt-right European and U.S. American political shift and the crisis of migration at the same time. It was first shown in 1994 for the ‘World Morality’ show at Kunsthalle Basel. In 2015, Kruger redid a version for the show ‘Fire and Forget: On Violence’ at Kunst-Werke Berlin.