R.S.I. – Dürer, del Sarto, Parmigianino, 1983

Basel 2017
Deborah Schamoni
Acrylic, C-print, postcard and ink on canvas and wood
Artwork size
350.0 x 600.0 (cm)
137.8 x 236.2 (inch)
R.S.I. – Dürer, del Sarto, Parmigianino is a wall installation consisting of black and white cut outs of reproductions of three Renaissance paintings: Albrecht Dürer’s 1512 Maria with Child, Andrea del Sarto’s 1528-1529 The Holy Family with the Young Saint John the Baptist, and Parmigianino’s 1529-30 Madonna of the Rose. Below each one is a rectangle in a different primary colour, which separate the reproductions from shadow panels. Solely black, each shape is a mirror reflection of the panels depicting Jesus. Flanking them, as well as separating them, are smaller canvases clustered in four groups, each with two columns of three. A total of twenty-four canvases, some are solid colours, while other feature drawings or cut outs. R.S.I. – Dürer, del Sarto, Parmigianino was exhibited in Lublin’s 1995 solo exhibition Mémoire des lieux, mémoire du corps at Le Quartier – Centre d’art contemporain de Quimper, France, and in Lublin’s 2015 retrospective at the Lenbachhaus, Munich.