Concerned by the ghost without being bothered, 2017

Basel 2017
Deborah Schamoni
Bannerflags, dropflags, bowflags, metal, digital print, concrete
500.0 x 600.0 x 600.0 (cm)
196.9 x 236.2 x 236.2 (inch)
Flaka Haliti’s new installation Concerned by the ghost without being bothered consists a group of singular advertisement flag banners in varying shapes and heights spread across an unexpected space. Each banner is printed with a blue line drawing. A commercial banner as a singular yet repetitive object exists peripherally. It’s a re-appropriation of a common object in an uncommon place. In an animated state, it appears as an assembled mass, perhaps a procession or demonstration? Are we concerned by the ghost without being bothered, or worried by its specter of status quo? One doesn’t know. Not out of ignorance, but because this non-object, this non-present present, this being-there in absence – one cannot know if it is living or if it’s dead. It seems to have its own temporality, a specter in trouble that demands our attention.