City Lights (Dead Horse Bay), 2016

Basel 2017
Layr, Real Fine Arts, Bortolami
Bronze, painted wood
Artwork size
105.0 x 125.0 x 65.0 (cm)
41.3 x 49.2 x 25.6 (inch)
City Lights (Dead Horse Bay) contours the island of Manhattan to a horse’s head, creating a surrealistic urban landscape in bronze. A tourist’s fascination with New York comes from being dwarfed by canyons of towers grazing the sky. Henke shifts this perspective with a playful element, making the city seem manageable. Items of Henke’s personal interests mesh with New York’s architectural history to create a three-dimensional self-portrait. Here, whimsical and colorful sculptures made from sand and rubber populate the wilderness of the Rhine. Henke’s bizarre garden is made withwild enthusiasm, obsession and most of all, the surreal vision of an architect’s faith in modernism. The installation is the pocket-sized version of a monumental sculpture garden.