The Green Room & The Science Lab, 2017

Basel 2017
Sadie Coles HQ, Massimo De Carlo
Performance, mixed media 45ʹ
In The Green Room & The Science Lab, performance artist Marvin Gaye Chetwynd incarnates a mad scientist at the center of a highly theatrical, fantastical laboratory. Filled with dry ice and illuminated by theatre lights, this papier-mâché laboratory draws inspiration from Jerry Lewis’s iconic Nutty Professor, as Chetwynd metamorphoses between a gawky scientist and an unapologetic diva. Appropriating the split-self narrative, which has played out most famously in the story of Jekyll and Hyde, Chetwynd’s performance envelopes members of the live audience, spiralling into a dramatic expression of irrational versus rational states of mind. In The Panther Ejaculates, a special performance presented during Parcours Night, a group of performers dressed in brilliant green outfits act out a scene from the movie Catwoman (2004). Operating cat puppets, the performers perform a ritual of resurrection upon a member of the audience. Details on page 4.