Who am I to Judge, or, It Must be Something Delicious,, 2017

Basel 2017
Gió Marconi, Lisson Gallery
Foil, wood, metal wire, epoxy resin, silicone, paint, paper
510.0 x 250.0 x 70.0 Size (cm)
200.8 x 98.4 x 27.6 Size (in)
Mixing animation, sculpture, and sound, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg create psychologically charged scenarios dealing with human and animalistic desires. The artists’ interdisciplinary collaborations increasingly blur the cinematic, sculptural, and performative in immersive environments that pair moving images and musical compositions with related set pieces or built objects. Who am I to Judge, or, It Must be Something Delicious looks at human nature’s capricious and erotic inclinations, capturing those moments when one succumbs to carnal pleasure without thought for morality or social standards. Working collaboratively, Nathalie Djurberg’s claymation vignettes are overlaid with soundtracks produced by Hans Berg, with both sonic and visual elements being edited and combined to create one pulsating environment, complemented by a sculptural installation.