Feather column, courtesy Azul Jacinto Marino,, 2016

Basel 2017
joségarcía ,mx
Carton column covered with palm capot
570.0 x 60.0 Size (cm)
224.4 x 23.6 Size (in)
Feather column belongs to the body of works which play upon the ambiguity of the nature of things and its polysemous potential. Is it an art piece or an artifact ? Is a palm which turned into a feather column and offers a protection against rain or a column which considers itself a serpent and which feathers announce approaching rain ? Also what does it mean that it belongs to Azul Jacinto Marino, a primary color( between green and violet), native to sub-tropical- sub America ? The hue of Azul Jacinto Marino is highly subjective, like the feather column, it depends on the point of view of the observer.