The secret life of things is open, 2014 - 2017

Basel 2017
Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Antenna Space
Multi-channel video and sound Installation
Wu Tsangs’s works engage collaboration as subject and method. Her films, installations, performances, and sculptures move fluidly between documentary, activism, and fiction. She often works with the voice as a medium and metaphor for (in)communicability. The secret life of things is open is set in the library/smoking room of the Club de Bâle as an underground space of study. The artist constructs a library of sorts, composed of fragments of an ongoing collaboration with poet and theorist Fred Moten that includes films, sound, and printed matter. The library becomes an interstitial space, a portal to secret performative events happening throughout the week, culminating in a live performance as part of Parcours Night on Saturday (Moved by the Motion, 10pm, Martinskirche; Details on page 5).