Anatomy and Architecture of Desire, 1988 - 1989

Miami Beach 2017
Mixed Media
black and white photocopy, acrylic, paper
186.7 x 88.9 (cm)
73.5 x 35.0 (inch)
Anatomy and Architecture of Desire reflects Wojnarowicz’s observation of society’s desire for speed and the perception of inherent truths laid out by the “media world” through his use of the globe, snake and toad which reappear in his other sculptures and paintings. During this point in his artistic development Wojnarowicz began to work with several different media simultaneously. Through the juxtaposition of his ‘school book’ painting of the earth from miles above, its circumference ringed by futuristic images of transportation between five black and white photographs of a snake chasing down a toad, Wojnarowicz hoped to “compress simultaneous experiences in terms of distance and location.” The image of the snake chasing the toad reappears in Wojnarowicz’s film collaboration with Ben Neill in 1989 titled ITSOFOMO.