Nameless, 2014

Miami Beach 2017
Bear, fisher, lama, moose, rabbit, racoon and zebra lures on copper powder and acrylic medium on polyester canvas on wood panel.
200.0 x 150.0 x 3.0 Size (cm)
78.7 x 59.1 x 1.2 Size (in)
Nameless is the general name for an investigation method that explores Life, its contemporary representations and understandings. The basis for The Nameless series is a mixture of varnish and bronze or copper dust applied on stretched linen canvas. Different animal lures (available at hunting shops) –squirrel, mink, wolf, coyote, zebra, bear, lama, deer, dog, puma, lynx, etc.— set randomly on the linen canvas oxidize the metal, thus creating motifs that alter the monochromatic background. If for human eyes this only produces an anamorphous image, which reveals nothing of each individual that participated, these oxidations preserve the animal expression (scent, pheromones, proteins) contained in each of the lures. Indeed, these possess a “semiotic” quality tied to the marking of territory, social hierarchy, or the signs of coupling belonging to each individual and to each species, but inaccessible to human understanding. Crystallized by the oxidation process, the sum of animal expressions that do not address the spectator, become a thing without name or shape, an improbable chimera that can only be mentally reconstituted through the list of species that participated in each canvas.