Black Fold #9, 2017

Miami Beach 2017
Carolina Nitsch
Hand crushed and painted aluminum with painted steel base
144.8 x 83.8 x 76.2 Size (cm)
57.0 x 33.0 x 30.0 Size (in)
In this iteration of her Black Fold series, Shotz has created subtle recesses of shadow through the manipulation of a sheet of aluminum, which captures the energy and dynamism of the artist’s hand. As Shotz has described this series, “The Black Fold series comes out of my long-standing interest in folding and the potential energy that is created by folding a flat sheet of material. The Black Fold sculptures are inspired by the notion of matter being crushed inside of a black hole or neutron star. This series began with folded metal origami-inspired sculptures, but as I progressed, I became more interested in crumpling and crushing, which I see as a chaotic form of folding. I fold and crush and unfold and re-crush these sculptures many times, changing the inherent malleability of the metal and its shape. The crumpled folds are created by force and the materiality of the metal itself. I don’t control or predetermine their shape.” © Alyson Shotz 2017