Apacheta, 2017

Miami Beach 2017
Revolver Galería
Steal, six motors, raw copper and minerals
700.0 x 150.0 Size (cm)
275.6 x 59.1 Size (in)
Apacheta is a spiral staircase of over seven meters high. This monumental piece is connected to a motor which maintains it in a constantly rotating movement. In the metal frame of some interior steps, silver and copper rocks in their raw state can be seen, rotating in an opposite movement to the external structure; giving the piece a particular rythm and tempo. The title of the pice alludes to the custom – extended from the Peruvian Andes – of piling a mound of rocks in the paths as a way of remembering or as a sign of devotion, but also seems to also evoke the recovering of vernacular shapes in opposition to a purely modernist conception of sculpture as an autonomous aesthetic object, whilst the rotating movement seems to refer to a cyclic tempo, its shape could be associated to the basic structure of a DNA molecule, or the technologies used in the exploitation of land and its resources.