Archeology of a political wall. Palimpsest of preliminary studies, 2017

Miami Beach 2017
Proyectos Monclova
Mixed Media
Preliminary studies from a fraction of a photographic archive of political campaign paintings through sketches; pencil, crayon and mixed media on primed mdf
350.0 x 440.0 (cm)
137.8 x 173.2 (inch)
This work takes as it's primary referent the legacy of modernist murals in Mexico as shorthand for Mexican cultural heritage and as national instrument of political propaganda. Tercerunquinto bridges these concepts through the metaphor of colorful campaign murals that proclaim impossible promises painted directly on public and private property walls during elections. Throughout the duration of the fair, Tercerunquinto and two rotulistas [sign painters] will paint a palimpsest mural of underdrawing sketches based on imagery from the collective’s extensive photographic archive of campaign murals in Mexico.