Phantasmagoria, 1964

Miami Beach 2017
Miles McEnery Gallery
Oil on canvas
152.0 x 132.0 (cm)
59.8 x 52.0 (inch)
Hans Hofmann, one of the great modernistpainters of the 20th century, is perhaps betterknown for the famed Abstract Expressioniststudents he taught both in Germany and inAmerica, where he immigrated to in 1932.The selection of paintings here highlightsHofmann’s dynamic range, vivid palette, andfreedom of line – displaying the mastery thathe achieved during a full career spent in thepursuit of art. Showcasing the complexityof his oeuvre, these works demonstratehis synthesis of the structure of Cubism,the palette of Fauvism, the spontaneityof Surrealism, and the heroic gesture ofAbstract Expressionism.