Untitled, 2012

Miami Beach 2017
Peter Freeman, Inc.
Work on Paper
Watercolor on paper
41.0 x 31.0 (cm)
16.1 x 12.2 (inch)
For over 30 years, the relentless output ofFrench artist Anne-Marie Schneider hasfocused on drawing. Using pencil, ink, gouache,and watercolor, Schneider approaches drawingas a personal diary, some works revealingher most intimate thoughts, others reactingto the headlines, or simply reflecting theevents of daily life. Often based on poeticassociations, her work broaches themes ofduality and exclusion, the roles of women insociety, childhood, as well as deeply personalterrors that well up from within. Schneidercreates a delicate and personal universe whichoscillates between dream and reality, humorand tragedy, pleasure and pain.‘My drawing is a daily form of writing. It allowsme to avoid writing with words alone. There arequotidian images. The figures are grotesque,often in a domestic setting. I like to smile whilegritting my teeth from a sickness of life.’– Anne-Marie SchneiderThis presentation gathers works ranging fromher earliest black-and-white drawings from theend of the 1980s – where the line is preciseand nervous – to more recent works in whichshe explores the infinite possibilities of color.