Diamond Sparky on Side – Trustworthy #328, 2017

Miami Beach 2017
Mixed Media
Various envelope security patterns, graph paper, origami paper, sandpaper, framed
57.2 x 57.2 (cm)
22.5 x 22.5 (inch)
Since 2010, Haegue Yang has been workingon a series of paper collages called‘Trustworthies’, which employs the securitypatterns printed on the insides of envelopesin order to protect personal information as itsmain material. The envelopes, with a varietyof colors and patterns, were collected fromvarious locations around the world with thehelp of art institutions, galleries, and friends.The paper is always cut in two different ways:one edge is cut with a knife and the other istorn by hand before joining the piecestogether to form an elaborate pattern. Yang’scollages raise questions of the visible andthe hidden in our everyday surroundingswhile exploring optical effects of geometry,symmetry, and gradation.