Forest Windows, 2012

Miami Beach 2017
Work on Paper
Gouache on paper
40.0 x 34.0 (cm)
15.7 x 13.4 (inch)
Based on drawing, the work of Irene Kopelmanis the product of an intersection of science andart. She usually approaches scientists at theirsometimes remote working stations, observingtheir methodologies and ways of producinginformation. She is interested in the way weunderstand this information and represent it.Forest Windows was produced during amonth-long expedition to the jungle at theManu Learning Centre, Madre de Dios, Peru.Kopelman went there after working for a monthin Antarctica, in order to understand the mostcontrasting landscapes: going from emptinessto exuberance, from cold to heat, and from themost minimal landscape to the most baroquepossibly imaginable. Forest Windows – a seriesof gouaches and graphite drawings that depictspecific areas based on a particular methodof framing – presents the perspective ofnot being able to distance yourself from thesubject studied. When immersed in the jungle,it is impossible to objectify it. There is alwayssuperimposition, overlap, interconnections.