Wall-Wall No. 17 (Ultramarine/Silver), 2015

Miami Beach 2017
Lehmann Maupin
Mixed Media
Resin and oil paint on fiberglass and plywood
150.0 x 120.0 x 15.0 (cm)
59.1 x 47.2 x 5.9 (inch)
As one of the original members of the Neo-Geogroup of the late 1980s in New York, Bickertonhas called into question how we value anddefine painting as an art object, blurring thelines between mediums and challenging theparadigms of painting. His most recent bodyof work pushes the boundaries of landscapepainting, examining the contemporarylandscape as a product of human constructionand destruction.Three bodies of Bickerton’s work arepresented. While a continuation of the ‘tropicalpaintings’ inspired by his move to Bali in1993, characterized by bright colors, overtsexuality, and exoticism, Bickerton’s ‘Wall-Wall’works also mark a return to his Neo-Geoorigins. The ‘Floater’ series, resin seascapesflanked by floater tanks, speak to the humancommoditization of our landscape andexplore how industrial materials have becomeelemental components of our environment.A new work from the ‘Vector’ series is alandscape of beach debris: vestigial wavesof plastic, styrofoam, and other ocean refusefrozen inside a box covered with architecturaletchings of water works, which Bickertonconsiders a poetic meditation on water.