Sueño Nº 1, Artículos eléctricos para el hogar, 1949

Miami Beach 2017
Jorge Mara - La Ruche
Gelatin silver print on paper
26.0 x 23.0 (cm)
10.2 x 9.1 (inch)
Grete Stern was born in Wuppertal-Elberfeld,Germany, in 1904. She moved to Berlin in1927 and met Walter Peterhans, a well-knownphotographer with whom she begun totake lessons. In 1929, together with EllenAuerbach (also a student of Peterhans), theystarted a studio specializing in photographyand advertising, called ringl + pit, after theirchildhood nicknames. Their work was boldand imaginative. At the Dessau Bauhaus,Stern met her future husband, the Argentinianphotographer Horacio Coppola. In 1933, theBauhaus was shut down and the couple leftBerlin. They settled in Buenos Aires in 1935.Sueños (Dreams) is a series ofphotomontages that Stern produced on aweekly basis for the women’s magazine Idilio,from 1948 – 1951. The images were meantto illustrate the column ‘El psicoanálisisle ayudará’ (Psycoanalysis Will Help You).Readers were invited to share their adreams,which were in turn analyzed by a psychologistand a sociologist. It was the richlyimaginative, technically outstanding, poeticphotomontages, however, that truly graspedthe complex feelings at work in the dreams ofthe correspondents.