New York, ca. 1986, 1986 - 1987

Miami Beach 2017
Zeno X Gallery
Color photograph
27.9 x 20.3 (cm)
11.0 x 8.0 (inch)
For more than 40 years, Kim Jones has beenworking on a consistent oeuvre of drawings,sculptures, and performances. During hisresidency at PS1 in 1983 – 1984, he createda sculpture that he carried around on his backwhen he performed what he called Mudman.This ‘structure’ is presented as an artefact ofhis ephemeral performative practice. Aroundthe same time, he also started painting anddrawing on the shirts, jackets, and shoes hewore. Wearing the structure presented here,Mudman was performed at PS1, the NewMuseum in 1986 as well as in the New Yorksubway in 1987.A recurrent motif throughout his oeuvre is the‘war drawing,’ which refers to both his timein Vietnam and children’s games, alike. Inan improvisational way, he draws lines whichresemble aerial views of battle fields. A similariconography appears in several of his drawings,combined with fantastic figures, which usuallyrefer to the alter-ego Mudman. These drawingshave several different dates as Jones hascontinued to work on them over the years. It isalso a way for the artist to reconnect with them.