Enlargement, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
Pi Artworks
oil on canvas
190.0 x 150.0 (cm)
74.8 x 59.1 (inch)
Maude Maris describes her subjects as an architecture of emotion. She uses found fragments to reflect on the relationship between things, exploring stability and precariousness in an attempt to understand the seemingly random or chaotic. While her paintings are two-dimensional, they are clearly influenced by sculpture in both their production and their formal visual properties. Her semi-abstract compositions combine in unusual ways references to objects and architecture from both ancient cultures and contemporary civilizations. By fossilizing the present, she creates passages between the past and today. She simulates archaics worlds with her own objects, as fantasies of sculpture. With the series presented at Art Basel Hong Kong, she is working from archival photographs of sculptor's studios, and more precisely sculptors who have contributed to the Modernity and who have specifically used photography in their practice, as Rodin, Bourdelle and Brancusi. She reconstitutes some views with scaffoldings through her own small moulding objects and tries to capture a kind of unstability and precarity into these imposant « figures » and to talk about.