One Minute Sculptures, 2000 - 2018

Hong Kong 2018
One Minute Sculptures

Thaddaeus Ropac

Born 1954 in Bruck an der Mur, Austria Lives and works in Vienna and Limberg, Austria Austrian artist Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures — comprised of everyday objects and furniture placed on a large, low pedestal — are inscribed with instructional drawings and texts indicating actions to be performed by the public. Wurm’s work is completely dependent on such participation and his instructions are meant as a proposal: the work is not ‘active’ until the instructions are carried out. The success of these ephemeral pieces is determined by the exactness with which the directions are executed. Though seemingly humorous, the works are about physical, psychological and philosophical engagement. Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures have influenced a generation of artists by redefining what a sculpture is and how the public engages with the medium. 歐文•沃姆 《一分鐘雕塑》(2000 – 2018) 尺寸不定 多種物料 1954 年生於奧地利穆爾河畔布魯克 現於奧地利維也納及林貝格生活及工作 奧地利藝術家歐文.沃姆的《一分鐘雕塑》是由放置於一個大型矮座上的日常生活用品和家具所組成,上面刻有指示觀眾參與作品的說明圖示和文字。沃姆的作品完全依賴大眾的參與,其說明圖示則當作一個建議:參與者須執行所指示的動作,才能真真正正地「演活」作品。這些短暫而即興的創作能否成功,取決於參與者如何準確地執行所須指示。雖然這些作品看起來十分幽默可笑,但實際上關乎身體、心理及哲學各方面的探索與交流。沃姆的《一分鐘雕塑》藉著重新定義何謂雕塑,以及演繹觀者與創作媒介之間的互動交流,對一代藝術家產生了深遠的影響。