Potent motif of ambition (Dramaturgical framework for structure and stability), 2018

Hong Kong 2018
Lisson Gallery
stainless steel, brass, aluminium, plastic sleeving
Artwork size
186.0 x 900.0 x 700.0 (cm)
73.2 x 354.3 x 275.6 (inch)
Born 1976 in Chester, UK Lives and works in London, UK Strewn on the floor around the large armature figure is a collection of lifeless miniature abstracted forms. These forms could be the armature’s toys, subjects, social collective, friends or foes. This relationship is open to interpretation: is the armature’s relation to the abstracted lifeless figures a consequence of his being, or another antagonist? 186 × 900 × 700厘米 不銹鋼、黃銅、鋁、塑膠套筒 1976 年出生於英國切斯特 現於英國倫敦生活及工作 撒落在大型支架四周的無生命抽象微型體 — 可能是它的玩具、臣民、社團、朋友或敵人。這種關係可任意詮釋:究竟骨架與這些無生命物品之間的關係是它存在的結果,還是另一個對立者?