Liminal Air Space-Time, 2018

Hong Kong 2018
Liminal Air Space-Time

Mind Set Art Center

800.0 x 650.0 x 825.0 (cm)
315.0 x 255.9 x 324.8 (inch)
Born 1971 in Gifu, Japan Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan Using silky cloth as a medium, Liminal Air Space-Time allows us to perceive the sensations relating to gravity and time. The cloth, floating in space, eliminates the boundary between the viewer’s physical and imagined sensations and creates a meditative space akin to Zen, or that of a Japanese garden. Although the cloth is programmed, it takes in a complex balance of air, light, temperature and humidity as it sways and changes continuously. The accidental interactions of the external factors surrounding the location of the cloth, together with the artifice of control, cause changes and misalignment in the programmed movements. Eternity cannot be created by mechanical movement alone but can be produced when nature intertwines, bringing in chance and destroying regularity. Using the movement and circumstances of a single material — cloth — the fragility and uncertainty of existence is questioned. Image: Reference image, The 8th Enku Grand Award Exhibition, The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, 2016. 大卷伸嗣 《臨界之氣 — 時空》(2018) 800 × 825 × 650 厘米 布、風扇、燈 1971 年出生於日本岐阜 現於日本東京生活及工作 《臨界之氣 — 時空》以絹布為媒介,讓觀眾感受重力和時間的關係。在空間流動飄浮的絹布,消除了觀者在身體與想像之間的界線,塑造出一個近似禪觀或日式庭園的冥想空間。儘管絹布經由系統程式操控,但隨着其持續搖晃變化,在空氣、燈光、溫度及濕度等都滲進了複雜的平衡。與絹布所在位置周圍的外來因素偶爾相互影響,加上人工控制,產生程式動作上的衝擊變化與矛盾失調。機械力量是無法永遠存在的,但透過與自然因素相互影響,再引入非常態的因素,破壞其規律性,從而可創造出永恆。觀眾可通過單一物料 — 絹布 — 的動態及狀況,對存在的脆弱及不確定性提出詰問。