Left Wing Project (Belok Kiri Jalan Terus), 2017 - 2018

Hong Kong 2018
Left Wing Project (Belok Kiri Jalan Terus)

Ames Yavuz

sickles, weighing scales, sacks of rice, rope, motors, sound
Isabel born 1965 & Alfredo born 1962 in the Philippines Live and work in Brisbane, Australia This immense, site-specific installation features seven wing-like kinetic sculptures made from hand-forged sickles hung from the ceiling. They are counter-balanced by sacks of rice suspended from weighing scales. The wings are synchronized alongside a symphony of sounds recorded from Javanese sickle factories. Left Wing Project (Belok Kiri Jalan Terus) is part of an ongoing body of work created in collaboration with farmers and blacksmiths from Yogyakarta, Indonesia that continues the artists’ research into the complex social and political realities facing contemporary agrarian societies in Asia. 尺寸不定 鐮刀、秤、米、繩、發動機、聲音 Isabel和Alfredo Aquilizan分別於1965年及1962 年在菲律賓出生 現於澳洲布里斯本生活及工作 這個巨大的特定場域裝置,由懸掛在天花板上的手工鍛造鎌刀創作而成,展示出七個像翅膀般的動力藝術雕塑。它們與懸在磅秤上的一大袋米起着平衡作用。這些翅膀的步調與在爪哇的鎌刀工廠錄下的聲音和諧一致。《Left Wing Project (Belok Kiri Jalan Terus)》是藝術家與印尼日惹的農夫及鐵匠共同創製的作品的其中一部份,延續了藝術家對亞洲當代農業社會面對的複雜社會及政治現實的探索與研究。