Gäna (self), 2018

Hong Kong 2018
Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery
natural earth pigments on bark, natural earth pigments on hollow log
Born 1945 in Yirrkala, Australia Lives and works in Yirrkala, Australia Acclaimed for her extraordinary gift of mark making and storytelling, Nyapanyapa Yunupingu is one of the most celebrated and influential Aboriginal Australian artists. Aboriginal Australian memorial poles called larrakitj are hollow coffins created to hold the bones of the dead. Traditionally painted with clan symbols, they were placed in groups on significant sites and left to deteriorate with wind and weather. Powerful and visually totemic, Gäna (self) is a jungle of larrakitj, entwined with several hanging bark paintings. It is a meeting point between life and death, heaven and earth, nature and artifice, connecting cultures and histories through Nyapanyapa’s distinct visual language. Her figurative and abstract works in Gäna (self) are a testament to her enduringly spontaneous and unapologetic approach to painting. 雅朋亞巴•于努平古 《家娜(自己)》(2018) 尺寸不定 天然褐土色樹皮、天然褐土色空心原木 1945年出生於澳洲伊爾卡拉 現於澳洲伊爾卡拉生活及工作 雅朋亞巴.于努平古是澳洲最著名和具影響力的原住民藝術家之一,其天賦的獨特手作標記及故事敘述手法備受好評。澳洲原住民的紀念圓木稱為「larrakitj」,是用來擺放死者骸骨的空心棺木。傳統上,繪上部族標記的圓木,集體放置在重要地點,讓其隨着風吹與天氣漸漸風化剝蝕。作品《家娜(自己)》鮮明有力,屬於視覺藝術的一種。它由一叢雜亂的「larrakitj」,與數幅懸垂的彩繪樹皮組合而成。這是生與死、天與地、自然與人工的交匯點,透過于努平古獨特的視覺語言將文化與歷史連接起來。《家娜(自己)》的具象與抽象創作,正好展現藝術家對於繪畫那種不朽的自發性及毫不保留的精神。