'Mud Men' Volume II, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
ceramic, bronze, polystyrene, plastic bones, wooden beads, shells, resin teeth, hair, printed t-shirt, marble, tiles, cardboard
Born 1988 in Colombo, Sri Lanka Lives and works in Sydney, Australia ‘Mud Men’ Volume II by Sydney-based artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran features five sculptural works in a tiled environment. Nithiyendran creates New Age idols that are at once enticing and disquieting, experimenting with form and scale in the context of figurative sculpture to explore the politics of sex, monument, gender and organized religion. Formally trained in painting and drawing, his practice has a sculptural emphasis that champions the physicality of art-making. While proceeding from a confident atheist perspective, Nithiyendran draws upon his Hindu and Christian heritage as reference points as well as a range of sources including the internet, pornography, fashion and art history. Self portraits make frequent appearances and the dual presence of male and female organs suggest gender-fluid realms of new possibilities. ‘Mud Men’ Volume II artworks commissioned by Artspace, Sydney and the Samdani Art Foundation for the Dhaka Art Summit 2018. 拉梅什•馬裡奧•尼迪雁專 《泥人(第二卷)》(2017) 尺寸不定 陶瓷、銅、發泡膠、塑料骨、木銖、貝殼、 塑料牙、頭髮、印刷T恤、雲石、磁磚、紙板 1988 年出生於斯里蘭卡科倫坡 現於澳洲悉尼生活及工作 《泥人(第二卷)》是悉尼藝術家拉梅什.馬裡奧.尼迪雁專的新裝置,在鋪了瓦片的環境中展出五件雕塑作品。藝術家創造了新時代的偶像,既誘惑又不安;透過形象雕塑試驗形式和尺度,探索性政治、紀念碑、性別和有組織的宗教。藝術家在繪畫方面受過正規的訓練,其創作維護藝術創作的自然性,具備雕塑的重要條件。從一個自信的無神論者角度出發,藝術家以他繼承的印度教和基督教傳統作為參考,並以互聯網、色情、時尚和藝術歷史等一系列資料來源為創作指標。其作品經常出現自畫像,而男女器官的雙重存在暗示性別易變領域的新可能性。 由澳洲悉尼Artspace及Samdani Art Foundation委託參與2018年達卡藝術峰會之作品。