Void – Wooden Boat, Hong Kong, 2009 - 2018

Hong Kong 2018
SCAI The Bathhouse
wood, tar, fire
85.0 x 113.0 x 1100.0 Size (cm)
33.5 x 44.5 x 433.1 Size (in)
Born 1950 in Takayama, Japan Lives and works in Saitama, Japan The 11-meter boat-shaped sculpture carved from wood has a carbonized surface fired entirely and saturated with tar — a production process evocative of primordial sacrifice. The boat represents a vehicle that moves us through the water’s surface or a field of liberation, and suggests acceptance and relief of all impulse. For this installation, Endo creates a composition of two ‘voids’ — a boat and a mirror — facing each other. The void is a subject central to the artist’s exploration, signifying an attraction and enchanted charm that draws all things into a limitless source of metaphysical imagination. Endo takes it to be a place with the potential to absorb or expel entities across border lines that delimit our everyday existence. Image: Reference image, Void - Wooden Boat (2009), Toshikatsu Endo. 遠藤利克 《空 — 木船,香港》 (2009 – 2018) 85 × 113 × 1100 厘米 木、焦油、火 1950 年出生於日本高山 現於日本埼玉生活及工作 這個11米長的船形雕塑,用木頭雕刻而成,其碳化外層是因塗抹了焦油及經火燒處理,令人聯想到原始時代的獻祭。這艘船代表的是一種交通工具,將我們飄浮於水面上或自由解放的領域中,因此它意味着接受所有衝動,並從中得到緩解。遠藤利克的這個裝置設計,以一艘船和一面鏡子組成了兩個互相面對面的「空」。「空」是遠藤探索的核心,它意味著一種將所有事物誘使過來的吸引力和神奇魅力,是形而上學想像的無限泉源。遠藤將它設定為一個地方,這個地方劃定了我們日常存在的邊界,並且有潛力將東西吸進邊界內或驅逐於邊界外。