Compression, 2018

Hong Kong 2018
LED lights, drums, mirrors, one-way mirrors, electric energy, wood
Compression (2018) is comprised of Flatlands and Tuning. Born 1972 in Santiago, Chile Lives and works in New York, NY, USA Before Christopher Columbus, the belief was that the world was flat, ending in a precipice where ships would fall into an unknown destiny. Since then, multiple technologies have been used to represent the world in many different shapes, and to this day it remains impossible to make a perfectly accurate measurement. There are many images, from geographical to political, that put into question the real shape of the world. Metaphorically and ironically, Flatlands (2018) is another abstract representation of the world. It is an exact mathematical calculation between a simple map and a cube with everything fitting perfectly into a three-dimensional grid. Tuning (2015), a tower of six drums with the words HIGH, TONE, TUNE, BASS, MUTE and DEAF embedded in LED lights, produces a visual representation of sound while simultaneously negating the function of the instruments; ‘playing a song’ in the absence of sound. Image: Flatlands (2018). 伊萬•納瓦羅 《Compression》(2018) 包括 《Flatlands》及《Tuning》 尺寸不定 LED燈泡、鼓、鏡子、單向反射鏡、電能 1972 年出生於智利聖地牙哥 現於美國紐約生活及工作 在哥倫布發現地球是圓以前,人們普遍認為世界是平坦的,無盡頭的峭壁會令船隻陷入未知的命運中。自此,隨着多種科技的發展,世界已經出現許多不同的形態,時至今天仍不可能精確地測量到地球的面積。事實上,地球不論在地理到政治的層面上,都產生了多種影象,使人們懷疑世界的真實形態。作品《Flatlands》(2018)透露了世界的另一個帶有隱喻且諷刺的抽象表徵。這是一個簡單的地圖和一個立方體之間組合而成的精確三維網格。另一作品《Tuning》(2015)是一座由六個鼓組成的塔狀裝置,嵌在LED燈光中有「HIGH」、「TONE」、「TUNE」、「BASS」、「MUTE」和「DEAF」的英文字,產生一種聲音的視覺呈現,同時否定樂器原本的功能,在欠缺聲音的情況下「演奏音樂」。