Dajian Shan, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
Mind Set Art Center
Acrylic on canvas
310.0 x 185.0 x 5.0 (cm)
122.0 x 72.8 x 2.0 (inch)
Lee's works are written over with his life stories. Drawing inspirations from his own life experiences and encounters—the space-time in which he has lived and worked—Lee's brush meticulously paints the scenes in his surroundings as well as traditional folk culture images. When he was living in Kaohsiung's Ming-De Village (a former naval dependent village for generals), his art studio, the yard space in front of the whitewashed green-tiled houses, the famous Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in the vicinity, Mount Banping, the cement plant, in addition to the bodhisattva Guanyin statue, the river god and Xuan Tian Da Di, a patron deity wielding a seven-star sword, had all been the visual centerpiece of Lee's endearing works. While documenting his myriad life stories, the artist ingeniously orchestrates, to some extent, new insight into the status quo, communicating a sense of humor that tickles and touches the heart. Sometimes, the painting is time-warped, where the gallantry of the martial arts world makes a valiant appearance.