Pulp Landscape 6, 2017

Hong Kong 2017
A⁺ Contemporary
“Pulp Landscape” is a series that Hu Weiyi created in 2013, the concept is an attempt to recreate a film shooting site within a suitcase. In Pulp Landscape 6, Hu used eight suitcases of various sizes and time periods, where Hu constructed a miniature film studio composed of a series of automatic mechanical structures including direct current generators, shooting tracks and gears. Several pinhole cameras constantly take videos of objects in a short distance, and project captured images onto seven screens in real time. The shooting objects are consisted of two categories: one is about his personal belongs; the other one is related to art history. Hu randomly combined these fragments of objects of the two categories, constructing and turning them into sceneries. These shooting objects are then placed on the mechanical device within the suitcase, repetitively being filmed, enlarged, and represented onto seven screens in real time. In this process a serendipitous narrative is born. Accompanied by soundtracks, these images intersect one another, forming a multi-screen video installation, and the suitcases themselves become a mechanical installation which enables automatic image-making. Through which the relation between time and space is no longer linear, the boundary between personal memory and collective recognition is blurred, and all objects return to their pure existence as Object.