Roundabout at km0, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
Leo Gallery
Roundabout at km0 portrays the pausing and reversing travel around a roundabout through moving images. The roundabout’s location is “kilometer zero”; the starting point of Thailand’s national highway system — and most significantly, also the location of Thailand’s Democracy Monument. This place has delineated as the “beginning” of all roads—literal and figurative—throughout Thailand. It is also possible to run those roads in reverse. The work uses this Bangkok location, which every Thai person will recognize, but perhaps without appreciating its meaning. The struggle between Thailand’s ideological poles has led to stalemate and stagnation of both ruler and system. Thai people seem blind to the clear picture of a brighter future—all is blurred. The audio that coincides with the moving images is a mixture of audio recordings pulled from Youtube videos of incidents of the Thai military cracking down on demonstrations that have taken place since the coup of 2014. 《迂迴0公里》使用了動態圖像的形式,描繪了人們環行泰國民主紀念碑時的躊躇與返轉。迂迴地點是「0公里」處;這裡是泰國國家高速公路系統的起點——而最重要的,這裡也是泰國民主紀念碑的所在地。這個地方在泰國被標識成所有道路的「起點」——無論從本義上抑或象徵意義上來看。人們也可以在這些道路上反向前進。作品運用了這個在曼谷眾所周知的地點,但也許不是人人都領會得到這個地點所承載的意義。泰國意識形態的兩極鬥爭導致了統治者和制度陷入僵局。泰國人民似乎無法看到廣闊未來裏的清晰前景——一切都是模糊的。作品裏結合動態圖像同步呈現的聲音,擷取自Youtube上紀錄了發生在2014年政變之後一系列軍隊對示威者軍事鎮壓行動的視頻。